Treating Maddie Pt. 02

In the ride-share back to the hotel after the first day of competition, the sexual tension Maddie and I was palpable. Both of us knew that her next treatment in our room probably would lead to another sexual encounter and the energy suggested that, despite my better judgment, we both wanted that to happen. "I'm so glad you're here with me," Maddie said warmly as she gently touched my arm.

"It's my pleasure, Maddie. And, by the way, you were amazing at the competition today," I said.

"Thank you Laura. It's all because of you taking care of me." The double entendre and the twinkle in Maddie's eye made it clear that she was indeed looking forward to a repeat of last night. Her words and her expression made my tummy flutter. When we reached the room, Maddie undressed completely in a flash and laid on the bed with her knees bent and her feet flat. "I'm ready, nurse," Maddie teased. She was as beautiful as a young woman as I could imagine.

"No heat this time Mads. Your hip is already loose. Just some stretching and ice," I told her.

During the first stretch, Maddie laid flat and I slowly slid her straight left leg out, which exposed her fully. I tried valiantly to focus on the task at hand and began to massage her inner thigh and hip. We both knew, though, that her position made it impossible for me not to look at her gaping sex, with her pouting lips spread apart showing her pink inner folds. After last night, I was less cautious as I massaged Maddie, and my hand brushed against her exposed sex as I gauged her level of pain. Maddie's quickened breathing suggested that displaying herself to me like that and being touched excited Maddie.

I struggled to focus on her therapy, hoping at least to delay any carnal pleasures until I could determine how Maddie's injured hip had fared under the strain of the day's competition. I maintained my composure for a few minutes until I looked up to see Maddie staring at me, almost pleading, and we dropped all pretenses. I moved her leg back so that both legs were on the bed, and then I pushed them apart to opposite sides. I got on my knees between Maddie's legs and made eye contact with her before my mouth headed for her clit.

"Oooohhhh, god, yes," Maddie cooed. She bent her legs again and pulled her knees apart, offering herself openly to me. My tongue moved from her clit to her folds, pressing into her, before returning to nibble and suck on her button. I felt a hand press on the back of my head as I devoured my sexy young patient.

I moved my tongue down again, thrusting it inside her, and Maddie wantonly pushed back against my mouth. Then she raised her hips so that her ass was within the reach of my tongue. Taking her cue, my tongue slid down and pressed against her pink hole, and Maddie reacted immediately. "Aaahh yes...oh god Laura, ... so good ... please yes ... oh god ..." Maddie babbled.

Maddie had confided last night that no one had really touched her ass before, and she was surprised, and even seemed a little embarrassed to admit, how much she liked it. She clearly wanted more, and I was more than happy to oblige. My tongue raked her bum hole and she moaned as I sucked on her. When I peeked up, I was treated to the sight of Maddie gazing at me as her hand played with her clit. It was my turn to moan quietly.

"Oh Laura, this is amazing. You are so amazing," Maddie panted. It was no more than two minutes later when Maddie's chest began heaving and I knew her orgasm was building. She was moaning, cooing, and then whimpering until her body tensed for a second or two and she exploded. I clamped my mouth on her as Maddie's body was wracked by spasms, and I literally couldn't tell if she was groaning with pleasure or crying in pain. It was the former.

My mouth slid back up to her pussy and I sucked her into my mouth as my tongue penetrated her. "Oooohhhh ffuuccckkkk, please...yessss..." Maddie gasped as her orgasm persisted. I latched on to her pussy as her ecstasy peaked and Maddie all but collapsed into the bed. In the immediate afterglow, I savored my beautiful young lover, my face pressed against her vagina, her juices on my face and tongue, and the smell of her sex being etched in my memory. I gathered up just enough energy to tenderly kiss her now-puffy pussy lips. I would have been perfectly fine if that moment lasted forever.

"We need to finish that treatment Maddie," I whispered a moment later, when her body had settled down some.

"But ... Laura... I want to do that ... to you ..." Maddie said almost sheepishly. An electric bolt shot through me at the thought, and I struggled to compose myself.

"You don't have to do that Maddie," I said.

"I know I don't have to," Maddie said. "I want to. I want you to be my first time." Looking into Maddie's pleading eyes, I knew I did not have the willpower to say no ...


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