Ihonette's Gambit Ch. 02

Ihonette Gambit Ch 2


The air stunk of piss, booze, and sweat as Strudert slumped heavily against the worn and chipped counter. Blurry eyed, drunk, and with the sound of the boisterous tavern drowning his sluggish thoughts, he felt no better. His day had been one shitshow after the other, and that was to say nothing about the week he'd had.

He sighed, the sound coming out like a muffled groan from between his fat and chapped lips. His life had just become a constant tumble downwards, piling debts, an aging body, a...

He slumped, slamming his head against the counter, causing the barkeep to give him a cross-look.

"Ya okay?" The bushy-eyed man asked, wiping a mug.

"Yeah," Strudert replied, still not feeling any better as he plopped his balding head back onto the counter. "By the gods, I miss adventuring," he muttered.


"By the gods," the wagon-driver groaned, tightening his grip on Ihonette's head as a shudder ran through his gaunt body.

Ihonette smiled, humming her appreciation around his twitching dick as he spurted into her mouth. Fondling the wrinkled hairy sacks. That passed for his jewels, she coaxed out another moan from his lips and another spurt of his seed. His cum was a bitter watery mess, but she didn't mind. The wrinkled and leather-skinned man had been more than a pleasant companion on her trip, and not to mention a decent meal, even if his cum was no-better than watered-down gruel. Though, it'd not be the worst thing she'd ever swallowed.

With a lewd pop, she let go off his shriveling tool and licked the dregs of his seed from her plump lips.

"You're something else," the man panted as he rested heavily against his wagon's chair.

The elf smiled, patting his dick.

He winced," and you've been a delight," she beamed, planting a kiss on his sunken cheek before righting herself and making to hop off the stationary wagon. He'd parked them just off the edge of a crossroads, nestling them within the privacy of the surrounding foliage. It was a pleasant enough place, but Ihonette was itching to get going, and with her target so close, there was no time to wait.

"I could," he started.

Landing, she adjusted her travel pack and shook her head. Smiling, she looked up at the rail-thin man and his worn clothing. "There's no need for that, Iron-root is just up ahead. I can just walk the rest of the way, besides," she added, pointing at his overburdened wagon," you still have a job to do."

He winced.

She smiled and started down the mud choked road," I'll come by Dog's-burrow, when I finish."


It'd taken another hour or two, but she finally reached the city of Iron-root. The tiered city sat like a grey and soot-covered crown, looming over the surrounding area. The stench of refuse, piss, the unwashed masses, and other unsightly odors clung to the smoke choked air like a stubborn child. People, gaunt, bedraggled, corpulent, and richly dressed busied themselves, intermingling, jockeying, and, doing as they pleased throughout the overcrowded city. The place was a stinking cesspool of people and animals.

"Perfect," Ihonette muttered to herself, a smile tugging at her lips. It was utterly perfect. Iron-root was the sort of place the bastard would end up. Why she'd not thought of it earlier was utterly beyond her. Though, getting a bit of payback against another of her so-called party members was fun, and so was fucking an entire caravan of merchant dwarfs, and...

She shook her head, smiling wistfully. It didn't matter though; the arsehole would soon be within her grasp and...

"Hear me, people of Taligan Alley!" A booming voice bellowed, drawing the shapely elf's attention as people shuffled towards what appeared to be a stage in the center of the market square, some jostling her as they did.

Ihonette quirked an eyebrow as she took in what was happening.

Four people stood on the patchwork stage. Two appeared to be some sort of town's guard, uniformed and utterly forgettable. A woman, naked, blonde, and disheveled, hung defeated between the two men. And, a man, corpulent and dressed in enough finery to put a dwarvin merchant to shame, spoke.

"A rich town-crier if I've ever seen," Ihonette mused, hearing the jowly pug-faced man's proclamations.

"For the sin of," the man began, his voice carrying across the square.

"A priest," Ihonette thought, rolling her eyes.

"Adultery and blasphemy against the church of..."

Another eye roll as she made to leave. Religion wasn't much to Ihonette and she wasn't about to...

"Lady Madeline has here by been condemned to suffer the test of a hundred phalluses."

Ihonette stopped, an eyebrow quirked as she one more faced the huddled masses and the stage beyond.

"This should be interesting."

"From now until sunset on the morrow," the man continued as the woman was dragged forward and locked into a stockade on her knees," any male, be they man or beast may use the Lady Madeline as they wish in the light of the gods, for her sins are great and only through humility and penance shall she once more be redeemed," he finished, tucking his proclamation into his coat before fumbling at his breeches to free a flaccid penis, that was easily a foot in length, and turning to face the woman.

The bound woman made to say something, but he thrust, plunging his dick down her throat. The blonde gagged, shuddering, and climaxing as the crier began pumping his hips, throwing the crowd into a frenzy of cheers while a line formed for the next person.

Sighing, Ihonette shook her head as she turned around and made to hunt her quarry. She'd already lived through something similar and she wasn't much for seeing someone else go through it. Even if it made her quim and mouth water with desire.

~The Mule's Bride

Hunting for a single middle-aged dwarf in a city of thousands should have been nigh impossible, but it'd taken merely a day and a half to track down the drunken fool. It wasn't so much, that Strudert was an easy man to track or that Ihonette was some expert tracker, but more to do with her altered rune markings. The accursed thing, he'd carved into the space above her considerable ass, burned like a hot poker as she'd hunted him down. It only worked within a mile or so of him, but it was worth it.

The now portly and haggard looking dwarf sat slumped on a bar stool, chugging what had to be his sixth or seventh mug of ale, that night. She'd watched him for close to a week now, and this was par the course for him. Whoring, gambling, and drinking were the dwarf's only reasons for living, it seemed.

Watching him guzzle down another mug, Ihonette supposed she should feel sorry for him, but she felt nothing, but utter eagerness. She'd waited ages for this and here he was, a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. Even when she'd been nothing but a broken hole for whatever dick wanted her, a piece of her shattered psyche had dreamed of this moment.

She licked her lips, downed her ale, and sauntered up to the counter, plopping into the stool next to him.

"An ale, if you don't mind," she said, motioning to the bar keep, a human man with more muscle than Ihonette thought was strictly necessary for his job," and whatever he's having," she added, pointing to Strudert.

The barkeep arched a bushy eyebrow, and the dwarf raised his head, cocking it to face her.

She smiled," come here often?"

~The Mule's Bride -- Upstairs

They were on each other like ants to honey, stumbling into Strudert's rented room. It'd been ages since he'd felt so randy and he had no idea why. Sure, the knife-eared bitch was a walking sexpot with tits big enough to make a dwarvin matriarch jealous and an ass of equal proportion, but he was no...

She moaned, melting beneath the dominance of his tongue and his grip on her derriere.

It didn't matter. He was horny, harder than he'd been in gods knew how long, getting laid, and he didn't have to pay for it.

Slam, and the door was closed behind them.

Plop, and he landed on his threadbare bed.

His room much like his bed was spartan, not that it mattered given he barely spent anytime within it, and besides...

His eyes glinted and his dick throbbed as he gazed up at the elf.

She smiled, her hair tousled, her cheeks flushed, and her leathers straining to contain her generous curves. He'd not had the pleasure of plowing many of the knife-eared assholes, but he knew enough to know she was no high-elf. Silver, maybe given her tits, but the hair color was off. He shook his head internally, watching as she undressed, the udders attached to her chest practically popping out as she did so. What did it matter anyway, the cow was eager, and he was more than willing.

He spread his legs, stroking his straining bulge, its tip already damp with his anticipation as she continued to strip.

She was slow, but with another flourish of teasing movements, she stood before him naked, tits bare, their thumb-sized teats engorged, her stomach padded but toned, and her hairy cunt swollen and glistening with her own dewy anticipation.

He licked his lips, a flurry of ideas buzzing about in his mind as she sashayed towards him, swaying her hips and pendulous tits in tune. She was mesmerizing. He had to have her. It'd been years, he thought, his eyes quickly darting to his room's cupboard and the staff that lay within what remained of his belongings. With a cow like this under his...

"And what do we have here?" She cooed, returning his attention back to her.

Looking down, he grinned, showing what remained of his gold-plated teeth. The elf was kneeling between his legs and looking up at him as her fingers undid the laces of his pants. A necklace with a gem glinted from around the woman's neck, catching his eyes , but it was the last thing on his mind as she gasped freeing his impressive member. It loomed, a pillar of throbbing and virile meat.

"I'd heard dwarves were big," the elf whispered, her eyes locked on his vein-webbed shaft," but..." she breathed, her breath warm against his throbbing phallus.

He smirked," you haven't seen anything yet," he said, reaching to grab her head.

She looked up, her eyes glazed and her mouth practically salivating.

"Why don't you pit that mouth to good use and suck."

She nodded, leaned forward, and took him. She swallowed half his length, gagging as she came to a stop before sliding back up and bobbing on his cock.

Strudert groaned, running his hand through her hair as she worked. Tightening his grip and forcing more of his dick down her throat whenever she reached her gagging point. The sight of an elf gagging on his prick with her cheeks flushed, eyes watering and snot running down her nose... There just wasn't anything else like it and not to mention...It felt heavenly, her mouth, throat, tongue, everything... everything about the situation felt...

"Gods," he groaned, feeling his nuts tighten and his dick throb. " I'm gonna," he started, bucking his hips, and smothering the elf into his hairy crotch. With another pleasured groan, he erupted, basting her throat with his nut batter.

She gagged, her eyes watering, cheeks ballooning, and snot running out from her nose as he continued to flood her and hold her down.

"Gods," he exhaled, finally slumping onto his elbows as he let go of her head and rode the last dregs of his climax. " I don't remember the last time I came so hard. I hope you didn't mind that," he panted, looking down to find the elf looking up at him, her makeup a runny mess. A certain glee flittered through him as he took her in. There was a certain joy in seeing one of the stuck-up cunts looking like a back alley whore.

She smiled, licking her lips.

He blinked.

"I hope that's not all you've got, big boy," she purred, flicking his sensitive tip before popping her finger into her mouth," the night's still young."

He grinned; his dick already had again. He'd mark the cow.

"Cum for me!" The elf screamed, riding him like a horse," fill me up. Paint my womb with your dirty seed!" She continued, gyrating, her breasts heaving, her body drenched with sweat and flushed with heat, and her eyes burning with a maddening glee.

Strudert groaned, his body tensing once more as he came for what had to be the tenth time already. It was pleasurable, but it was a pleasure laced in agony and swaddled by a growing despair. He'd come so many times already, all of which had never left him soft, yet weakened him with each spurt down the elf's holes.

"I think we..." He started, slapping weakly at her thick thighs, his voice sounding more haggard if not high-pitched to his ears.

The elf swayed, rolling her head as she turned her gaze slowly back to him. Her hair was matted, her lips glistened, and milk beaded from her teats, she was...

He shook his head.

"I think," he repeated, wishing he could just shove the bitch off of him, but she was either heavier than she looked, or he'd become far too exhausted.

"We're only getting started, Strudert," she purred, running a manicured finger down his chest, and forcing his eyes to follow its path. It was then he noticed. He paled. She grinned, the expression looking utterly predatory on her face.

"How?" He started, panic bubbling within him. His chest. The hair was gone, breasts, nipples. He had tits, each a handful already and growing.

"Get off me!" He bellowed. It came out like a shriek, girlish and... He bucked and slapped, his efforts week and... He looked, his hands... He wanted to...

"Oh," the bitch cooed, drawing his attention," how long I've waited for this Strudert," she added, running her hands up her voluptuous body. Power thrummed as she spoke, drawing his eyes to the now softly glowing gem between her breasts. How he'd missed something so powerful was beyond him.

What? Who are you?"

She rolled her head, ground her hips, and leaned forward, smothering his burgeoning tits beneath hers as she met his eyes, their nose centimeters from each other.

"You don't recognize me, do you?" She asked.

His eyes narrowed," who are you? Did Claude send..."

She laughed. It was maddening, the sort of laugh you'd expect from a cackling crone, a demented demon, an insane mage, or....

"Do I look like some mongrel debt collector, Strudert?" She said, once more returning to face him nose to nose," think, my dear dwarf," she teased, patting his cheek," even the ranger got there faster, and here I thought you were some mastermind after what you did to me all those years ago."

His brows furrowed, his thoughts attempting to put themselves into some sort of semblance.

She grinned and leaned closer, her lips a fingernail's span from his ears," Monday," she whispered.

He paled.

She grinned.

"I. Ihonette."

"Bingo," she whispered, patting his now hairless and softened cheeks," but don't worry," she added, slowly grinding her hips," you and I are going to have so much fun," she finished. It was then he noticed it, hard, throbbing, and hot.

Realization dawned and he paled even further.


"By the gods, you're tight," Ihonette moaned, redoubling her pace as she thrust into Stacy's cunt. The former male dwarf moaned, shuddering with each impact of ihonette's hips against her fat ass. " A bitch in heat," she added, slapping the dwarf formerly known as Strudert, sending her ass wobbling. The sight sent a sliver of bliss racing through Ihonette as she enjoyed her fuck-toy.

Her former enemy had become such a submissive toy, since she'd transformed. And, not to mention a rather fuckable fuck-toy if Ihonette had anything to say about it. The dwarf was by all definitions a stacked shortstack, with tits the size of melons, hips, and ass to put a mare to shame, and that was to say nothing of her lovely red hair, freckled face, pouty lips, and button nose.

"By the gods," Ihonette exclaimed, burying to the hilt as she erupted, once more basting the pregnant dwarf's cunt with her seed. She shuddered. The sensation was like no other, even after experiencing it so many times since she'd gained her dick, that night in the tavern.

It was no wonder men mostly thought with their cocks, she thought, extricating herself from the panting, sweat-drenched, and heavily pregnant dwarf. Cum oozed from the mostly naked shortstack's gaping pussy.

Ihonette smiled, shaking her head. It was only the middle of the day and she'd fucked the dwarf at least three times already. She needed to get a hold of herself, she thought, tucking her still drooling member into her pants. She winced, adjusting the somewhat unwieldly thing. Done, she strode towards Stacy and smacked the still orgasming dwarf's rump, coaxing another mini climax from the slut.

"Get dressed," Ihonette said," we have a ways to go before we get to Dog's-burrow."

Stacy nodded," yes master," she panted.

Ihonette smiled, feeling a mixture of emotions she had a hard time putting into concrete words. She'd intended on just dumping the former man to some unscrupulous brothel or just leaving her tied up in the middle of the town square like he'd done to her all those years ago, but between fucking the dwarf into a drooling stupor after transforming her and gaining her dick, and Ihonette's own memories of what would happen if she did, she decided against it.

Besides, she thought, looking back as the Dwarf bent over to retrieve their things, the dwarf was just her type.












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