Her Forever Virgin Ch. 03

"Sorry about that," Margo eyed Yennessa with suspicion, "I was looking for something to get back at a guy I know."

"What did you have in mind?"

Slowly, putting emphasis on each word, the taller woman said, "I am not sure yet." What she really meant was "I'm not sure why you're being so helpful all of a sudden." Years of being denied from making any purchases Margo couldn't fathom why Yennessa would suddenly change her tune. Was it part of an elaborate trap? That didn't seem right.

Margo had never personally gotten to know Yennessa but Amy had told her a few details. While Yennessa was three years older than the pair of roommates she had developed a friendship with Amy during their summers studying magic and was even assigned as Amy's mentor in her last summer of training. Despite their shared experiences and student mentor relationship the two witches had never become terribly close, only ever catching up when Amy made a trip to Knocker's. Still, even knowing all that Margo can't piece together why Yennessa had a sudden change of heart.

"Well, if you're looking to buy something from this section, someone obviously did something to you," taking on an almost therapeutic tone she said, "tell me what happened."

Margo looked down with one brow raised high as it can possibly go. For years this chick wouldn't so much as let Margo take an item a few feet away from the shelf let alone buy anything and now she wanted Margo to air her grievances to make a sale. What exactly was going on here? Margo was at a loss for words.

With a retail smile, Yennessa broke the silence, "I can't help you find the right tool for the job if you don't tell me what happened. Besides," she lifted the right corner of her mouth to transform her smile into a smirk, "talking about your problems is the first step to feeling better, the second step is cursing them." Perhaps it was Yennessa's sudden change in attitude but looking down at her Margo had never realize just how gorgeous the familiar clerk was. Big brown eyes, full lips, long dark hair adjusted to flow to one side all brought together by a smooth olive complexion. And then of course there was her short yet voluptuous body Margo couldn't help but envy a little. Proportionally thick thighs supported her ample bottom in jeans press firmly against flesh. And Margo's favorite feature, a V-neck crop top which put on display both the woman's proud full figure and a generous helping of cleavage, especially from Margo's vantage point. Though Margo couldn't remember, she'd actually noticed all these things the first time she met Yennessa but quickly forgot about them once she'd been told "no sale". With Margo's opinion of Yennessa having flipped like a dime she began explaining her situation.

"Well, this guy, Brando," Margo let out an exhausted breath as she thought of a way to talk about her woes, "so about a year ago we met on a hook up app. I was upfront with him, told him that I wasn't really looking for anything serious.

At first, he seemed fine with it. Occasionally he would ask if I was seeing anyone else and say 'Good for you,' before not-so-casually dropping how many other women he's seeing. I think it's weird that he cares so much but whatever, the sex is great and he seems nice enough. Then after a month the red flags came out and instead of running away, I ran towards them.

He told me he wanted something more with me. Said he felt we had a real connection. I was really iffy about it but eventually he wore me down, mostly by making me feel uncertain about the future. At the time I thought his only flaw was that he only liked one kind of sex, not a very imaginative guy in bed.

So, three months later we're still not super serious but we're," Margo paused to put air quotes around the next two words, "officially together. I told him I was having doubts but he convinced me I was just being nervous.

All the while he seems like a nice guy. He listens, he wants to make plans at least twice a week, we even took a vacation together towards the end. Honestly, it also felt nice to," Margo hesitated for a second, she thought she might be getting a little too personal with a store employee but Yennessa seemed to be listening intently, "commit to someone like that.

Unfortunately, despite what he told me; he couldn't do the same. So, like, two months ago my coworker Nikki is telling me about this guy she went out with and it sounds a lot like Brando, especially when she started talking about this guy's massive cock. The real dead ringer was a poop emoji tattoo on his right ass cheek. And if you're wondering why I didn't just ask her for his name you'll have to ask Nikki how she can fuck a guy without ever getting his name," Yennessa giggled which triggered a warm feeling in Margo's body and mind, "There were other clues before that here and there. I can't believe I bought his stupid lie about all the condoms in the trash just being there because he didn't want to make a mess when he jerked off. And the more I looked into it the worse it got. It made me feel like such an idiot for giving him all that time," Margo physically shook the oncoming memories out of her head, she was not about to ruin the moment by becoming an emotional wreck in the middle of a store. She couldn't believe she was telling this to someone that was basically a stranger. She hadn't even told Amy any of this stuff yet for fear of looking vulnerable because like you perverts, she's a flawed human being. It felt good not only to talk about it but also because a little voice in the back of her head told her this was how she would get her prize so she continued, "After a night of processing it all I decided I was going to dump his ass the next day. I was going to drive over to his place after work and tell him about what a possessive asshole he's been. It wasn't so much that he cheated but more that he had asked me to commit to him exclusively. I just wish I could get all the time I wasted on him back.

Well as if though my week hadn't already been shitty enough, I got a text from Brando while I am in a meeting. Two texts actually. That's how he breaks up with me. 'We should break up' and then 'I'm just not feeling it anymore'. That was the last I heard from him," Margo paused for dramatic effect, "until yesterday. I asked him through texts and voicemails why he broke up with me and I just got total silence until fucking yesterday," Margo pulled out her phone and fumbled around with it for a few seconds and then handed it to Yennessa, "This is un-fucking-believable, I can't read it out loud."

Yennessa grabbed the phone, the tips of her fingers brushing against Margo as she took it. She noted that the taller woman quickly retracted her hand once the phone has passed hands. She couldn't believe that it might actually be a good idea to help Margo buy something from this shelf but she knew that her nose never lied. Yes, if Margo smelled of good karma there was, theoretically, no harm in helping her make a purchase.

The text read, "I'm sorry to drop out on you like that. I should've told you my reasons. I've been talking to this new girl at work for a few months now and she is more my style. You're really hot and all but your whole alt punk thing doesn't really fly with my crowd. You know I just need my bosses to see me with someone who looks classy. But you know I miss that tight pussy of yours and I know you can't get enough of my big boy," Yennessa visually cringed at the sight of those last two words, "I was thinking I could go over to your place sometime and we could have some fun like old times," The text ended there but there is a follow up, "BTW my new girl can't know. She's super uptight."

Well that certainly explains why Margo smells so good today. Anyone to have crossed someone as vindictive as her that would deserve it had to have done something pretty bad. She couldn't believe a guy like this actually existed but then again, the old legends say curses came about to get back at boyish men. She'd already had a pretty firm idea of what she was going to recommend to Margo but this solidified her conviction.

She looked back up at Margo, "I have just the thing for you."

Taking the phone back, Margo briefly took notice of the lime nail polish the other girl wore. She didn't realize it herself but she was subconsciously looking for something that would give her more information on Yennessa. She just poured her soul out to her and all she got back was a standard customer service response.

Yennessa turned around, took a few steps and crouched down to the lowest shelf and reached her arm into an empty space. Yennessa groaned, "We might have to order more," she squinted, "wait no, I see one way there in the back. Let me grab that for you." Yennessa reached her arm in and then suddenly fell forward into the shelf as if though it wasn't there. She picked herself back up, parts of her phasing through the edges of the shelf. "Sorry about that," she took a step back and snapped her fingers, "There we go," and she went back down for the item. It took Margo a few seconds to piece together what had happened but she's known about witchcraft long enough to figure it out. Yennessa had forgotten to remove the phasing spell before trying to make contact with a physical object again. Amy likes to use the same spell to check under the couch where the remote has a bad habit of disappearing to. Much to her friendly chagrin Amy often has a habit of forgetting to turn it off before planting her butt back in the seat.

Yennessa had to get on her knees in order to be able to reach back far enough to grab Margo's prize. Margo reached down to help pick up the woman but instead she was handed a black box. Yennessa picked herself back up in patted dust off herself.

Prick's Pleasure was printed in white letters on the box beneath it the slogan, "When you want to say goodbye with pleasure" and on the middle of the box was what Margo recognized as a men's vibrator.

"I can't give you back the time he took from you but this should help you exchange it for something else." Yennessa winked in the last word. "This thing can be a little tricky to use so I'm gonna get you something else that should make working it easier. Take my hand" Yennessa reached her hand up towards Margo. Having spent much of her life aware of witchcraft Margo knew that what often seems to be bazaar requests were just which is trying to get to the point quicker, and in all her years of being a confidant she noticed that most which is seems to assume you knew what they were talking about no matter how ignorant of magic you were. Still, it didn't make it any less nerve-racking being asked to hold hands with such a beautiful woman. Margo nervously took Yennessa's hand which was followed by the snap of Yennessa's fingers.

Once Margo found herself being dragged into a solid object it became immediately apparent why she needed to hold Yennessa's hand. Margo had become an extension of Yennessa which allowed her to pass through walls as long as they were in physical contact. As they walked they passed through one guy who responded with, "Holy shit! Did that just happen?' He was very clearly a new confidant. Margo had no idea where Yennessa was taking her. Yennessa was dragging the taller woman towards a wall with a giant lipstick kiss painted on it. They passed through the wall into a room of the store Margo had never seen.

A cursory glance around made It clear what this part of the store was devoted to, sex. Adorning the walls were a myriad of sex toys and other paraphernalia that immediately peaked Margo's interest. "How have I never been here before?"

"I'm guessing because Amy is too embarrassed to bring you back here."

"That sounds about right."

Yennessa snapped her fingers to undo the charm. "Let me go grab something for you," said Yennessa as she walked to a wall of vials behind the glass case. Her eyes began running through them searching for the exact one she wanted.

Margo turned her head around again taking a second look and noticed another detail, she and Yennessa were the only ones in the room. As Yennessa bent down to read the lower labels Margo couldn't help but notice how a little bit more of her thighs were revealed as her shorts wrote up that's sweet round ass. Margo would of course never do it, but she imagined herself sneaking behind and squeezing each ass cheek. Her mind became flooded with all the scenarios that could play out between two women alone in a room full of magical sex toys.

"Got it!" and with that declaration Margo was brought out of her fantasies and back into reality. She watched as Yennessa tapped on the glass to make it disappear, she grabbed the vail and watched the barrier reappear here on its own. Yennessa turned around with a smile on her face, her teeth showing. She walked up to Margo, "Do you like surprises?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Do you trust me?"

Margo hesitated but she trusted the feeling in her gut, "I do."

"Do you trust me enough to tell me how you use this thing?"

Margo hesitated; she didn't know what she would do with it without knowing exactly how it worked. Margo took a gulp, almost literally swallowing her pride, "I don't know what I'm gonna do with it. I don't know how it works." Margo didn't like admitting her ignorance, it made her feel less in charge of the situation, which at this point she was feeling very deeply.

"I don't mean what you're going to do it, that's the surprise. I want you to report back to me after you use it. It's going to be a process and I wanna make sure you do it right. Can you agree to that?"

"Totally," Margo nervously agreed.

"So we have a deal then?" Yennessa stuck out her hand to shake on their agreement. This is what witches call Devin's bargain, a magical contract which binds the seller and buyer until the debt is paid or worse, the deal is terminated. A side note about Devin's bargain, at some point this was misinterpreted as Devil's bargain which led to even more unfortunate misunderstandings with tragic consequences. Now back to the naughty stuff.

Margo reached out her hand and close the deal ending with a nervous, "Of course," which was followed by a small laugh.

"The deal is made." Yennessa handed Margo the vial of clear pink liquid, "Make sure he drinks a single drop of this before you try anything. Whoever drinks this will have their next orgasm only at the say of pourer's voice. All you have to do is make sure he cums into that," her finger pointing at the box, "that's the most important part."

"That's all? Just do exactly as you say?"

"Yes," Yennessa reached behind her back to pull out a brown paper bag seemly from thin air and handed it to Margo. It's suddenly occurred to Margo she was no longer holding anything in her hands. This was no sleight of hand but genuine magic. "Alright I need to go help customers now."

Admiring all the naughty trinkets adorning the walls Margo said, "Okay. I think I'll continue browsing around here."

"That's fine. I hope Amy doesn't leave without you."

"What do you mean?" Margo turned around to find that Yennessa was missing. It suddenly occurred to Margo that without a witch she was trapped in the room. For a brief moment she was angry but quickly laughed it off, she knew that if she were in Yennessa's position she would have pulled this prank at least ten times by now. She shrugged, looking again at all the wonderful items all around and said, "I guess there are worse places to be trapped in."












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